May 8, 2023 Content Chat Recap: 2023 Creator Economy Expo (CEX) Wrap-Up

A Content Chat header image that says today’s topic is a 2023 Creator Economy Expo (CEX) wrap-up with guest Pamela Muldoon, who is @PamelaMuldoon on Twitter.

Of all the marketing and related industry events we look forward to each year, Creator Economy Expo (CEX) has quickly earned itself “must-attend” status given its value-packed sessions and electrifying atmosphere. It makes sense, considering The Tilt and the ‘Godfather of Content Marketing’ Joe Pulizzi host the event (and have they ever done us wrong?).

If you’re looking to see what content creators learned at the event—you’re in the right place. In this #ContentChat recap, Erika joins Pamela Muldoon, content marketing strategist at Muldoon Media and voiceover actor, to share their takeaways from the event that any creator can use to reinvigorate their content strategy.

Read through a few highlights from the conversation below, and listen to the full recording here.

Q1: If you attended #CreatorExpo, what did you think of the event experience? Would you recommend it to a fellow content creator?

Erika and Pamela are both never-ending ticket owners for CEX, which is a huge vote of confidence for the event. Below are some reasons why they love the event:

“As I was looking at the agenda for the conference this year, I was like ‘this is exactly what I need to give me the kickstart to actually get things going [with my gluten-free and low-FODMAP food blog]’. It’s my passion. I love that stuff.” – Erika Heald

“I’ve been using my expertise and skills around content development and strategy, but it’s been a while since I’ve had to wear the hat of content entrepreneur. The idea that there is a conference not only dedicated to that, but we’d be learning from people doing it—people making their dollars now using these ideas—was a huge reason why I needed to engage with this community.” – Pamela Muldoon

“There’s something about being surrounded by people who are trying to make the same kind of work that you are working on happen. It’s super motivating to have those conversations and be surrounded by that energy. I love my furry coworkers, but they don’t give me the motivation to work and write.” – Erika Heald

“I really feel like the attendee audience and people… getting together a diverse group of people who are singularly focused on having content be their business and improving that business of creation is very unique.” – Erika Heald

“Most of the conference presenters are those that are building their business in some way. It’s amazing, really, and one of the things that stuck out to me is the concept of ‘failing forward’ constantly. It’s refreshing to be back at something where creativity was front-and-center.” – Pamela Muldoon

“I’m not surprised by this, but there was a much stronger global presence at the conference. And in only year two, which is really awesome.” – Pamela Muldoon

Q2: What are some of the key themes or points you heard that spanned sessions across the event?

Content is a long-term strategy.

“It takes about 18 months to earn the first real dollar in your business. Content is a long play. It’s a slow burn. It’s not going to happen overnight.” – Pamela Muldoon

Consistency is key.

“Build that content strategy and that plan that is focused and consistent. Consistency will beat creativity any day of the week. It was really validating to hear that and hear the results from that consistency.” – Pamela Muldoon

Communities are everywhere.

“People are talking about subscriptions and memberships, but what they’re really talking about is creating a place for people who have these needs or need this kind of support. It’s about creating that place as part of the whole content experience and content brand. To me, that’s a community.” – Erika Heald

“When people spend their hard-earned money to participate in your course, enlist in your membership, and gain value from that, that is a different level of community that we now have the ability to crate. This is really cool not only for you the creator, but those that are seeking that community and trying to find their people.” – Pamela Muldoon

Q3: Which individual presenters stood out to you? What did you learn from them?

Erika and Pamela spotlight the following speakers in the audio recording:

  • Brian Fanzo: By harnessing AI, Brian has been able to create beautiful artwork that he uses to express things about what it’s like to be a creator and running this business and have ADHD. AI has made it easy and accessible. If there’s something you want to do that you thought you could never do, why don’t you just try?
  • Jay Baer: Your ideal audience is the person you used to be. When you think about your buyer persona, who was it that you were four years ago? 10 years ago? If you’ve been in marketing for a decade, it’s important to remember you’re talking to someone in their first year or second year.
  • Alexis Grant: Let small bad things happen so you can do big things. Allow yourself to fail. Allow something to go wrong. You need to spend your time and your focus on doing this other big, hair, important thing. It’s easy to focus on all the little things you need to do, but if you get caught up in the little things then you’re not able to be consistent and have the energy to pursue the bigger things.
  • Mike Paramore: Put out more content and just see what happens, because you never know what it is that’s going to genuinely connect with people in that moment.
  • Wendy Williams: Wendy is the co-host of Fruitloops: Serial Killers of Color. If there is a gap or missing piece of the conversation in your space, explore it. See if you can create something different to help you get attention.
  • Jay Clouse: When you Google your topic ideas, it’s good for them to have competition. When you’re trying to balance being unique and different, you also need to validate whether your idea will have legs with your ideal community.

Q4: What other content marketing and content creator events are you planning to attend this year?

Pamela is potentially going to attend Content Marketing World, and she is presenting at One Voice Conference.

A5. I am planning on attending Creator Camp from @ecammtweets in October.#ContentChat

— Jim Fuhs #DealcastersLive #SMWL23 (@FuhsionMktg) May 8, 2023

To gain more valuable insights from the event, check out the below tweets from the event community.

@CMQueen101 @AnnGynn and special guests @JoePulizzi @AnnieSchiff @BrianWPiper talk about what they learned at #CreatorExpo:

— The Tilt (@TheTiltNews) May 9, 2023

Those asking about slides from my #ChatGPT talk here at #CreatorExpo #aiprompts

— Fanzo (@iSocialFanz) May 3, 2023

Revenue Ideas for Audio: On-Demand audio course! Delivered all at once, PDF guide supplement, additional resources on course platform, quarterly live Q&A. (No real customer support needed for a private podcast feed.) – @minimadesigns#podcasts #podcasting #creatorexpo

— Marketing Podcast Network (@MPNPodcasts) May 3, 2023

Great advice for any creator looking for guidance on what content to work on. #CreatorExpo

— Julia Borgini 🖖🏽 (@juliaborgini) May 3, 2023

The key to course success? Market growth related to the topic. NOT the course content. #CreatorExpo

— Erika Heald | Content Marketer | Writer (@SFerika) May 3, 2023

Recap of our Sponsorship Strategy Summit at #CreatorExpo!

— Justin Moore | Sponsorship Coach (@justinmooretfam) May 3, 2023

Listen carefully. Respond creatively.

⁦@YellowTuxJesse⁩ #CreatorExpo #FansFirst

— Jim MacLeod (@JimMacLeod) May 2, 2023

When prompting ChatGPT, saying please and thank you will improve your interaction, and thus, your results – @iSocialFanz #creatorexpo #AI

— Tim Washer (@timwasher) May 2, 2023


— Erika Heald | Content Marketer | Writer (@SFerika) May 2, 2023

“#Writing is the most important skill in business because words are the foundation of our relationships.” 🙌 @annhandley #CreatorExpo

— Brooke (Bates) Bilyj (@batesbn) May 2, 2023

How to write like a robot can’t:
1. Create metaphors.
2. Carry ideas to their ridiculous conclusions.
3. Give your reader a speaking role.
4. Add a second sense.
5. Think about word choice.
6. Repetition.
7. Don’t let your writing read like writing. @annhandley #creatorexpo

— Brooke (Bates) Bilyj (@batesbn) May 2, 2023

Yes to this ➡️ Stand by your set of skills. Don’t go sprinkling Parmesan on something that doesn’t need it 🍝 @ChrisDucker #CreatorExpo

— Alana Coticchia (@dawgpndgirl) May 2, 2023

“Every single time you create a piece of content and put it on the internet, you are creating a business asset.”@ChrisDucker #CEX #CreatorExpo

— Christine Gritmon ❤️ #ChatAboutBrand (@cgritmon) May 2, 2023

How can you monetize something without annoying the community?

Figure out your paids


(Like I do with to many tweets)@jaybaer #cex2023 #CreatorExpo

— Brent W. Peterson (@brentwpeterson) May 2, 2023

Truth bomb: you cannot succeed as a creator unless you are someone’s favorite creator. #CreatorExpo @jaybaer

— Erika Heald | Content Marketer | Writer (@SFerika) May 2, 2023

👉 Create metaphors as an insider wink.
👉 Give your reader a speaking role
👉 Add a second sense
👉 Think of your word choice, word choice = style
👉 Don’t let your writing feel like writing
👉 Read it out loud @MarketingProfs #CreatorExpo #CreatorEconomy #ContentCreator

— Jennifer Watson (@JWatson_Wx) May 2, 2023

The one and only @annhandley one of my all-time favorite speakers and amazingly cool dancing 💃friend! #CreatorExpo

— Fanzo (@iSocialFanz) May 2, 2023

“AI writing tools are the helper on your shoulder, not sitting at your keyboard.” @annhandley #CreatorExpo

— Melanie Deziel (she/her) (@mdeziel) May 2, 2023

Some ways @annhandley used AI (aka “The Toaster”):#CEX #CreatorEconomy #CreatorExpo #ContentBusiness

— Christine Gritmon ❤️ #ChatAboutBrand (@cgritmon) May 2, 2023

So who are these content entrepreneurs? They are creators sharing their expertise through content. #creatorexpo

— Erika Heald | Content Marketer | Writer (@SFerika) May 2, 2023

There’s no “done” with community; you’re always tending to it. And it’s hard to walk away from a paid community.

Think about your overall business model & revenue model before starting a community.@jayclouse #CEX #CreatorEconomy #CreatorExpo #ContentBusiness

— Christine Gritmon ❤️ #ChatAboutBrand (@cgritmon) May 1, 2023

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