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Transform your content marketing initiatives with tailored training

Why settle for generic online marketing training when you can have the latest content marketing training tailored to meet your organization’s needs and your team’s preferred learning styles?

Training is the Key to Unlock Content Marketing Success

Most of the people in your organization who create content don’t have a content marketing degree. Joe Pulizzi started using the term in 2001, but it didn’t go mainstream until he founded the Content Marketing Institute in 2010.

As a result, you have many experienced content marketing professionals with industry-specific degrees, prior journalism careers, and a range of other degrees. This makes it critical to provide training to bridge skill gaps and prepare team members for future content innovations.



of marketers find it difficult to measure the impact of their content due to a lack of training.


of marketers cite a lack of training as a reason they aren’t using AI in their work.

Our Approach to Facilitation and Training

Erika Heald working at laptop — woman with wavy long red hair wearing an acid green cardigan sweater with a black laptop in front of her.

Content creation isn’t limited to the marketing team—so why is content-related training usually only provided to the content marketing team? We’ve delivered our practical, relevant, and engaging content marketing seminars and workshops to audiences that include sales, customer success, communications, and the C-suite. 

We also specialize in facilitating content strategy and editorial planning workshops that gain stakeholder buy-in, clarify roles and responsibilities, and ensure a consistent, unified brand message across the organization.

Training and Facilitation Customer Story

After working with an organization’s digital marketing team for an extended period on content strategy and improving its digital footprint, Erika was engaged to facilitate cross-organizational content strategy sessions.

These small group sessions first brought together key department heads to agree upon an overarching content strategy for the year. With this structure in place, she conducted departmental strategy sessions where all content creators were given the ability to weigh in on their content priorities and goals for the year.

After putting these plans into action, the team had a record year for customer retention, event attendance, and social media engagement.

Erika delivered a presentation on design for non-designers that inspired my team and set an innovative tone for the rest of our virtual offsite.

— Fortune 500 B2B Communications Team Leader

Current Training and Facilitation Programs

Work with us to create an engaging training experience that engages your content marketing team and develops your people.
Starting at $3,000.

B2B Case Study workshop
Brand Voice workshop
Content Strategy Plan on a Page workshop
Cultivating Thought Leaders Across the Organization seminar
Employee Brand Advocacy seminar
LinkedIn Profile Optimization workshop

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