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Build a strong foundation for scaleable content with AI

Can you imagine moving from a completed content marketing asset to a suite of derivative content to support it at the click of a button? That’s the promise of using generative AI content creation tools, and AI-powered content marketing platforms. But first, content teams must understand—and document—the core brand elements in a way that educates the AI so it can reflect the brand’s essence.

Can You Deliver Consistent Brand Content with AI?

Generative AI is on almost every content marketing team’s roadmap if it isn’t already in use. Unfortunately, in the haste to get started with AI, we’ve seen a flood of mass-generated, awkwardly phrased content flooding our email inboxes and social media feeds.

To unlock AI’s full potential for content marketing teams, organizations must first document their brand voice, style, workflows, and guidelines.

*Source: The 2023 State of Marketing AI Report from the Marketing AI Institute.


of marketers say that reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks is the top outcome they want to achieve with AI


of marketers said AI is already infused into their daily workflows

Our Approach to AI for Content Marketing

A stylized AI generated image of a woman with blue hair and a purple top hanging out in her company's high-rise cafeteria.

Your customers need a lot of things—but generic, bland, AI-generated content isn’t one of them. Yet, that’s exactly what many content teams risk serving up due to a lack of foundational governance, workflows, and documented guidelines.

AI has the potential to help teams create more personal customer experiences at scale—but first, you have to put tools in place to train the AI. We work with content teams to uncover the AI use cases with the greatest potential impact and create the foundational documentation required to implement them without sacrificing brand consistency.

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AI for Content Marketing Customer Story

An enterprise technology client had signed a contract for a popular generative AI-powered content marketing tool. Several months in, the team wasn’t yet using the tool. The roadblocks included understanding the best initial use cases, how to structure prompts, and a lack of documented content guidelines or templates.

Erika started by helping the team document their taxonomy, conduct a content inventory, and an SEO audit. From there, they collaborated to create comprehensive content creator guidelines, documented messaging, and a more robust content style guide. 

These foundational tools enabled the team to quickly onboard contractors and new hires, and start to incorporate AI into their workflows.

Erika helped me understand the nuances between the various GPT tools out there and how I could experiment with them to identify the impact AI could make for our content program.

— Fortune 500 Director of Content

AI for Content Marketing Consulting Services

AI can be a powerful advantage for scaling your content marketing efforts—but it requires having the right foundational elements in place to reach its full potential. We tailor our AI consulting engagements for each client, with these six activities being the most frequently requested.

AI for Marketing Use Case Identification
AI Tool Evaluation & Recommendation
AI Tool Implementation and Workflow Development
Brand Voice Documentation
Content Repurposing Templates and Workflows
Prompt Library Development

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