B2B content strategy

Take a strategic approach to content marketing

A content strategy is a dynamic blueprint for the creation, distribution, and refinement of differentiated content that boosts brand visibility, builds customer trust, engages employees, and drives sustainable business growth.

Content Strategy as a Catalyst for Growth

In the latest CMI and MarketingProfs research, B2B marketers shared content marketing’s business impact….

… but it can’t do any of these things when content creation happens haphazardly, or in response to the competition.


say content marketing helped create brand awareness in the last 12 months


say it helped generate demand/leads


say it helped nurture subscribers/audiences/leads


say it helped generate sales/revenue

Our Approach to Content Strategy

For more than two decades, Erika has worked with business leaders to define, document,  and execute content strategies that differentiate. She collaborates with clients to understand their ideal customers and define a unique content marketing strategy to meet their needs. The end result is a content strategy that translates complex, nuanced ideas into accessible, engaging content.

Every content strategy engagement includes a content inventory, competitor content audit, and identifying the internal and external resources necessary to execute the strategy—and how to engage them. To round out the strategy, Erika also creates easy-to-follow templates and process playbooks to put the strategy into action.

Content Strategy Customer Story

Erika was engaged to create a content strategy for a B2B SaaS company in the crowded virtual events space. 

She crafted a content strategy centered around underserved key audiences and use cases. The content she created to support the strategy resulted in numerous top-10 Google search results, including several SERPs for key high-intent terms.

Erika’s instincts for content strategy and customer engagement are spot on.

— Rachel Formaro, CEO, Blu Pagoda

Content Strategy Project Elements

While every content strategy is tailored to the individual brand’s business goals and unique audience, engagements typically include six core elements.

Audience Identification & Segmentation
Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking
Content Audit & Inventory
Content Calendars & Editorial Planning
Content Promotion & Distribution Workflows
Performance Metrics & Analytics

Are you ready to transform your content marketing and grow your business?

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