Fractional Chief Content Officer

Accelerate your content marketing program

Gain the strategic power of a full-time Chief Content Officer—without the full-time employee commitment. Our fractional head of content engagements bring flexibility, insight, and extensive expertise to drive your content initiatives forward. This leadership approach enables you to fast-track your investment in content that engages audiences while fostering sustainable growth.

Why Do B2B Companies Need a Fractional Head of Content?

The B2B sales cycle can take months—or even years—before a lead becomes a sale. Frequently, buyers first enter our pipelines right after signing a contract with someone else. So how can we nurture that relationship over time—especially when most buyers come to a company when they’re nearing the decision portion of their buyer’s journey?

That’s where a Fractional Chief Content Officer comes in. This role brings expertise, content strategy integration, and much-needed content guidelines and frameworks. It’s a cost-effective approach that allows you to invest in redefining your content operations, driving the right message home, and propelling growth.

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Our Approach to Fractional Content Leadership

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Our fractional head of content retainers provide companies with the consistency of having an experienced content leader setting strategy with the execution resources to drive business results. These retainers typically last one year to 18 months, and start with developing and documenting a differentiated content strategy and an editorial calendar to put it into action. 

In these roles, Erika embeds herself into client companies as the content leader and consults with teams across the organization. The majority of our fractional content head retainers result in our working to define a permanent, full-time content marketing employee, assisting with the hiring process, training the new content hire, and acting as a mentor in their first few months on the job.

Fractional Head of Content Customer Story

“Working with Erika on content strategy was a game-changer. From the beginning, Erika took the time to thoroughly explain her process, demystifying the intricacies of keyword research and content strategy. Her willingness to share her wealth of knowledge not only made the collaboration seamless but also turned it into a learning journey for me and my team. She not only helped us identify what people were searching for but also paved the way for creating highly relevant content that significantly improved our rankings.

What made me happiest about working with Erika was her dedication to understanding our unique needs and tailoring a content strategy that aligned with our organization’s goals. Thanks to her, we achieved tangible results in improving our search rankings and reaching a wider audience. Erika’s thought leadership in content marketing was evident throughout the process, and her effective teaching and training style empowered our team to maintain momentum.”

In one word, I would describe my experience with Erika as ‘transformative.’ I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking a strategic, results-driven approach to content marketing

— Madison Norman, reflecting on working with Erika, who served as a fractional head of content at Frameable

Fractional Head of Content Engagement Elements

Our fractional content leadership roles vary depending upon the company’s stage, the organization’s content gaps, and the business goals supported by the content marketing program.

Each fractional content leader role is tailored to the individual brand’s business goals and unique audience. However, our fractional content leadership roles typically include six core elements:

Stakeholder Alignment & Buy-In
Strategic Messaging & Brand Voice
Resource Allocation & Team Development
Editorial Guidelines & Governance
Community Building & Engagement
Measurement, Analysis & Iteration

Fractional Head of Content Retainer Types

We offer three tiers of head of content retainers, tailored for organizations at different levels of content marketing program maturity.

Content Marketing Mentorship

Providing mentorship and advice for existing content marketing team or new content marketing leader. 

Starting at $2,500 per month

Content Marketing Advisory

Participating in recurring marketing team and strategy development meetings, etc. Providing both coaching and hands-on content marketing support.

Starting at $5,000 per month

Fractional CCO

Leading all content marketing activities on a part-time basis. Participating in leadership team meetings. Overseeing content development and facilitation of marketing team meetings.

Starting at $10,000 per month.

Are you ready to transform your content marketing and grow your business?

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