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We love a good template—and to share it with the content marketing community to help other teams streamline their workflows. Check back often to see the latest marketing templates and other additions to our content marketing resource library.

content marketing templates

Nothing streamlines and scales a content marketing program like documenting your process and creating hard-working templates. We encourage you to copy the below templates and customize them to streamline many of your content marketing tasks.

Use this blog content audit template to record all blog content and identify posts that should be updated or removed — this ensures your content still reflects your brand identity and addresses current persona needs

This marketing leadership onboarding plan template details how to onboard a new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or Chief Content Officer (CCO) during their first 90 days.

Track and audit content from key competitors to understand how you can differentiate your content strategy to stand out.

A content planning form for all new content ideas to guide team members through the essential planning and structural elements.

Use our editorial calendar template to keep your editorial workflow on track. It covers all key areas and can accelerate your blog content audit.

Identify and prioritize award submissions for your company or individual thought leaders. We recommend using a scoring system (included in the template) to decide which opportunities to pursue.

A strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis will inform how your brand can stand apart in your space and adapt to constantly changing circumstances. Follow the steps outlined in this post for an effective and efficient SWOT analysis.

Track your brand and competitors’ social media channels to monitor growth over time and identify opportunities to drive engagement across channels.

Create a weekly social media plan that identifies your priority channels and activities by day to ensure all brand social channels stay active and provide value to your audiences.

Detail your thought leadership objectives, goals, and strategies to ensure your strategy will achieve its intended results.

Create distinguished thought leadership platforms for individual thought leaders — including ready-to-use biographies and examples—to pursue opportunities more effectively.

Use this sample interview question set as a starting point for a customer case study interview that uncovers an authentic story about the value you brought to a customer relationship.

Use this template to document your brand style and empower internal and external content creators (including AI) to apply your style consistently.

Use this template to ensure you think through each web page’s purpose, understand how it will interact with other content on your site, and keep the visitor’s experience top of mind when writing the copy.

Content Marketing Playbooks and Guides

In this workbook, you’ll learn how to define your own unique personal brand and identify the right social media channels to build it. The step-by-step walkthrough includes examples and activities so you can define your brand and activate it with confidence.

Image of the black and gold art deco cover of the book #The Content Entrepreneur" by Joe Pulizzi and friends including Erika Heald.
The Content Entrepreneur

This collaborative book from Joe Pulizzi and friends includes three chapters written by Erika Heald covering defining your brand voice, choosing the right social platform to support your thought leadership goals, and how to use AI for content repurposing.

On-Demand Webinars, Podcasts, and Videos

In this hour-long event with Erika Heald and Bernie Borges, host of The Midlife Fulfilled podcast, you’ll learn how to set your personal brand foundation and build a mindmap that fuels your content creation to help you build a more fulfilling career. This event is perfect for anyone contemplating making a career pivot or changing roles completely.

Learn about the importance of creating a distinct brand voice and how to do so in five steps in this podcast recording with Brad Entwistle and Erika Heald.

Customer case studies can be incredibly effective for supporting B2B sales, but buyers need more than “we supported this brand and they liked working with us.” Erika Heald joins Dennis Shiao in this video recording to explain how to create compelling B2B customer case studies.

In this CMworld 2018 presentation recording, Erika Heald explains why a lack of social media guidelines hurts employee brand advocacy—and what it takes to create truly useful social media guidelines.

This roundtable discussion with Erika Heald, Rick Broida, Jon Moore, and Debra Eckerling explores the key ingredients for creating compelling content and the tools you can use to improve your strategy

Thought leadership is a must-include component of successful branding, but teams are often challenged in creating meaningful thought leadership content. In this episode of The Business That Story Built, Erika Heald joins Christie Bilbrey to provide practical tips and tricks for building a solid content strategy and optimizing your content creation processes.

In six short emails, you’ll walk through Erika Heald’s proven process for identifying a differentiated brand voice and implementing it.
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