July 19, 2021 Content Chat Recap: Content Chat Mid-Year Check-In and 5-Year Anniversary Celebration

A #ContentChat header image that says today's topic is a mid-year check-in and 5-year anniversary celebration.

In this #ContentChat 2021 mid-year check-in, we discuss our top content marketing challenges, how we’ll define success this year, and ways that we can best support each other as a community. This also marks Erika’s five-year anniversary as our chat host!

If you missed the chat live, please share your answers to any of these questions in the comments. We’re also always on the lookout for new topics and guest suggestions for the chat.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of #ContentChat!

Q1: How would you describe #ContentChat only using a gif?

As Erika said, it’s just not a Content Chat mid-year check-in and celebration without GIFs.

It’s just not a #ContentChat check-in and milestone celebration without GIFs… pic.twitter.com/Yrd66xXEDj

— Erika Heald | Founder @ErikaHeald Consulting (@SFerika) July 19, 2021

Also have to add: deep insights. #ContentChat pic.twitter.com/ygF3ILJ0hS

— Masooma | Content Writer (@inkandcopy) July 19, 2021

A1 #ContentChat pic.twitter.com/6FBkFlMvC9

— Alek Irvin (@AlekIrvin) July 19, 2021

A1 #contentchat pic.twitter.com/DnVObtb6VO

— Martin Lieberman (@martinlieberman) July 19, 2021

A1: #ContentChat pic.twitter.com/xExwKD2uRP

— SPW ✍️🤓 (@ShawnPaulWood) July 19, 2021

A1 #contentchat pic.twitter.com/BM30uDFPqK

— Dan Goldberg (@Jonas419) July 19, 2021

A1 When I would describe #ContentChat, my mind turns to… pic.twitter.com/8LItkfzAhq

— Derek Pillie 🎯 (@derekpillie) July 19, 2021

Q2: What is your biggest/scariest/most time-consuming #contentmarketing challenge right now?

Our community is facing a range of (exciting) challenges. We’re prioritizing our personal blogs and content streams, as well as our side gigs, alongside our main client work…

Honestly, staying inspired + making time for blog content marketing for myself. #ContentChat

— Masooma | Content Writer (@inkandcopy) July 19, 2021

Well I’m now looking to book more guests on Let’s Get Real, my livestream Monday mornings about having a real voice in your brand’s marketing. Open to suggestions #ContentChat friends. Today was @AHahnPeters: https://t.co/T3tRBRONOT https://t.co/Gr0CdzJMFq

— Shane Shaps (@520eastbrands) July 19, 2021

A2 Getting the SM and marketing strategy set up for my side gig
Which launches end of the month
-Alyx #ContentChat https://t.co/SY93aSUUfs

— Charlie & Alyx – Charlie Appel Agency (@ColfaxInsurance) July 19, 2021

…or even live-tweeting from two accounts to give the business enough love too. #ContentChat pic.twitter.com/geGaHDaI3P

— Woodworks Comms (@WoodworksComms) July 19, 2021

Seeking the right client fits…

A2: Note of vulnerability…

Finding clients who either aren’t interested in those “we do it for dirt cheap” sites or aren’t willing to give the “smaller shops a shot.”

It’s difficult to prove your relevance to folk who already think you may be irrelevant. #ContentChat

— SPW ✍️🤓 (@ShawnPaulWood) July 19, 2021

Preparing to present at #CMworld…

A2 Mine is building the deck to present at #CMWorld Total rookie here. For the record @NeoLuxeMo said I could do it.. and now here I am. #ContentChat

— Shane Shaps (@520eastbrands) July 19, 2021

Finding a balance between creativity and quality control…

A2. Having too tight of quality filter that dampens creativity instead of letting the next great content happen. #ContentChat

— Kevin Berry (@Kev__Berry) July 19, 2021

A2: 1. Staying relevant, and 2. being innovative.#ContentChat

— Kate Giess | Content Writer (@KateGiess) July 19, 2021

I get lost in the mechanics of planning and executing sometimes, and then I realize I’m just mailing in the content and I have to reset #ContentChat

— Dan Goldberg (@Jonas419) July 19, 2021

Launching new courses…

A2: I’m having @AlekIrvin be my accountability partner to get the courses I’ve been planning out of my brain and Gdrive and into my @teachable classroom. B/C this is something important to me that I keep procrastinating about b/c it’s so big. #ContentChat https://t.co/TdQ1hvyWUC

— Erika Heald | Founder @ErikaHeald Consulting (@SFerika) July 19, 2021

Creating new types of content…

A2: Doing video content. #ContentChat

— VirtuDesk (@virtudeskcom) July 19, 2021

And learning how to scale while also staying on budget.

A2 Working on a shoestring and covering the bases is the big challenge right now. Figuring out how to set things up so we can scale up when the time is right would be #2. Finding a cost-effective system that lets me keep track of operations AND marketing is #3. #ContentChat

— Derek Pillie 🎯 (@derekpillie) July 19, 2021

Q3: How will you measure your #contentmarketing results this year? What is your main goal, and what will success look like?

It’s important to have a goal for the year to focus your efforts. With the continued impact of the pandemic, though, we understand that your goals may shift more than usual.

A3. Most hard goals are out the window with the pandemic still thawing out for the first half of the year. Clients are picking up now with reaching their audience being the number one goal. #ContentChat

— Kevin Berry (@Kev__Berry) July 19, 2021

At a high level, our community aims to create more content this year…

A3. No extremely defined goals for me. I wanted to write more (one indepth blog post per month) but have only got three blogs down yet. #ContentChat

— Masooma | Content Writer (@inkandcopy) July 19, 2021

Increase their number of email newsletter subscribers and launch new educational course offerings…

A3: I’m looking to broaden my community and diversify our client+revenue base. Success will be measured by our email newsletter subscriber growth, diversity of new client industries and projects, and launch of courses/other content products. #ContentChat https://t.co/ds659Kswul

— Erika Heald | Founder @ErikaHeald Consulting (@SFerika) July 19, 2021

And optimize their conversion rate optimization.

A3: One stat many #contentmarketing pros forget is CRO (conversion rate optimization). How effective are you at #writing to gain more closures? That’s why you’re being paid. #ContentChat

— SPW ✍️🤓 (@ShawnPaulWood) July 19, 2021

I think many of us need a @todcordill in our lives to help us figure out how to get our GA house in order to even set the goals and track for that. And with the end of cookies incoming, I don’t even. #ContentChat

— Erika Heald | Founder @ErikaHeald Consulting (@SFerika) July 19, 2021

I’m in a lot of lives but there’s always room for more! 😀

It’s pretty simple conceptually.

🎯 Create goals in Google Analytics so a conversion = obtaining a goal.
🎯 Compare landing page visits with conversions.

Should I write a blog post focused on this?

— Tod Cordill (@todcordill) July 19, 2021

We recommend reviewing your metrics and exploring different options.

A3 For the time being I am “borrowing” some metrics that a trusted industry source suggested were key things to follow to ensure our effort is reaching as many people as possible. At the end of the year we’re going to reevaluate as competitive landscape shapes up. #ContentChat

— Derek Pillie 🎯 (@derekpillie) July 19, 2021

And remember to revisit your client’s needs and current challenges so you can best help them drive results.

A3: I think defining goals and success often starts with understanding your client’s needs and what issues you can help solve. Everyone wants a win-win relationship. #ContentChat

Also, is this where I wish for world peace? Too soon? 🤓

— Kate Giess | Content Writer (@KateGiess) July 19, 2021

Q4: What support could you use from the #ContentChat community through the rest of 2021? What help can you provide to others?

If you can help with any of the asks below, please reach out to that community member.

A4a: As we develop our courses, I’d love to tap the #ContentChat community for some BETA testers willing to give us feedback. I’d also appreciate referrals to sign up for our newsletter. https://t.co/5tLMvEM0w2 https://t.co/ZqUgcq1wlB

— Erika Heald | Founder @ErikaHeald Consulting (@SFerika) July 19, 2021

A4b: I’m happy to be a second opinion on blog posts and a provider of feedback and quotes for content marketing related research reports. And I am always happy to talk to other folks who are starting their own marketing agencies/consultancies/freelance gigs. #ContentChat

— Erika Heald | Founder @ErikaHeald Consulting (@SFerika) July 19, 2021

A4 Love this question & what it represents. I could use more ppl yelling at me to get to my tweetchats b/c I miss seeing friends. I can offer an opp for others to share their experience on my livestream. 🙂 #ContentChat https://t.co/NnL5AWUkiV

— Shane Shaps (@520eastbrands) July 19, 2021

A4: If you create or find any content that you think can help the community, send it my way and we’re happy to share it in Erika’s Content Chat Bulletin email newsletter. I can also help connect you with PR freelancers or agencies if you ever need that support. #ContentChat

— Alek Irvin (@AlekIrvin) July 19, 2021

Q5: Let’s end with some shameless self-promotion. What one piece of content from 2021 are most proud of? Or, tell us an achievement that we can all celebrate with you.

A7: I am so glad I finally published this post on what I always do in my first 90 days as a new content marketing leader, including my 90-day plan template. I’ve used it internally and to onboard new client content hires too. #ContentChat https://t.co/56Zv3xai70

— Erika Heald | Founder @ErikaHeald Consulting (@SFerika) July 19, 2021

A7 – The future is bright. An exciting project is currently in pipeline. Can’t wait to share hopefully, soon! #contentchat

— Kate Giess | Content Writer (@KateGiess) July 19, 2021

A7. Missed this one. Here’s one of 2021 loves: #contentchat https://t.co/YKrhqoTKR3

— Masooma | Content Writer (@inkandcopy) July 19, 2021

A7: I’m really proud of my post on SEO basics for #contentmarketing. SEO used to confuse me, so I avoided it for a long time. But thanks to this chat (and Erika’s content creation templates) I’m much more confident in the basics now. https://t.co/lVowiIzwo9

— Alek Irvin (@AlekIrvin) July 19, 2021

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