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The buyer’s journey is no longer a road map your marketing team can control. In today’s complex buying environment, by the time you talk with a customer, they’ve done their research and want to see how you stack up against the other companies on their shortlist. That’s why it’s critical to take a strategic approach to developing your website content.

Engaging B2B Buyers in an Increasingly Noisy Landscape

It’s been a long time since B2B websites could get away with being boring, brochureware with a prominent “Book a Demo” button in the top right corner.

Today’s B2B buyers expect their suppliers to have informative and engaging website content that allows them to craft their own personalized buyer’s journey. And, they expect it to be delivered with the same quality of consistent omni-channel brand experience their favorite B2C apps and sites provide.


of B2B buyers prefer a rep-free sales experience.
(Source: Gartner)


of business buyers place the same emphasis on flawless engagement as they do on product quality. (Source: Salesforce)


of people say they go to the brand website if they want to know more about their brand. (Source: Hubspot)

Our Approach to Website Content Creation

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Whether you are rebranding your company or just refreshing a few pages, it’s important not to start rewriting web content until you understand the job each page is expected to perform.

That’s why we start every web copywriting project by developing page framework templates that identify the page’s audience and objectives. Next, we identify the core content containers the page needs to meet the typical page visitor’s expectations.

We are skilled in synthesizing feedback and context from multiple stakeholders and creating on-brand content that reflects the documented brand voice and content strategy while putting the web site visitor’s needs front-and-center.

Website Content Creation Customer Story

When you are doing groundbreaking work in a startup environment, your website needs to reflect it. But, you also need to ensure all the key stakeholders are consulted and given an opportunity to provide context for new content.

That was the environment Erika came into to help a fledgling start-up founded, community-led foundation give their website a refresh.

She started by creating page frameworks that outlined the specific content blocks each page needed to include, conducted keyword research, and solicited feedback from subject matter experts. The startup was so happy with the end result and the content creation and evolution process that they hired Erika to conduct a rewrite and refresh of their primary website.

Erika brought a fresh perspective to our website rebranding project, and is now our go-to expert on creating on-brand web content and marketing collateral.

— B2B Digital Marketing Director

Website Copywriting Project Elements

While every website content strategy is tailored to the individual brand’s business goals and unique audience, engagements typically include six core elements.

Brand Voice & Messaging Documentation
Content Optimization & Refresh
Conversion-oriented Content Creation
Performance Tracking & Optimization
SEO-Based Copywriting
Website Content Strategy & Planning

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