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Putting a public face on your brand values

Developing a brand reputation as a thought leader doesn’t happen in a vacuum—it requires a consistent flow of content from the people bringing your brand vision to life. However, your brightest minds have other things on their plates in addition to creating engaging content. Our thought leadership program development and executive ghostwriting services can fill that gap

How an Executive Thought Leadership Program Can Differentiate Your Brand

A strategic thought leadership program helps you regularly showcase your team’s expertise by creating and delivering content that embodies your company values and sparks conversations that resonate with your target audience. It helps you meet your audience where they are with fresh insights and unique perspectives that help you create a differentiated position in your industry.

The Content Marketing Institute’s 2024 B2B content marketing research reinforces the power of thought leadership, finding that:


of B2B marketers say thought leadership e-books or white papers produce the best results.


of top-performing organizations attribute their success to showing thought leadership.

Our Approach to Thought Leadership Program Development

Our Thought Leadership Program Development engagements typically start with researching your audience, conducting a competitive thought leadership audit, identifying topics that map to your business goals, and selecting your spokespeople.

We work closely with your subject matter experts to prioritize and align thought leadership activities with the company’s overall brand strategy. Through working with your thought leaders in the method that works best for them, we take their experience and perspectives and transform them into content that instills brand authenticity, differentiates you from the competition, and bolsters your industry authority. We provide writing, presentation, and social media engagement guidance and mentorship throughout the process. Our ghostwritten content has appeared in FastCompany, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, Martech, CMSwire, and many other business and trade publications.

executive thought leadership Customer Story

“It can be difficult to bring in outside support when you are marketing a complex product due to the time it takes to onboard and educate them. That’s not the case with Erika and her team. 

They were able to jump right into our initiatives and bring a welcomed perspective to our content. She helped us craft a variety of assets from executive thought leadership bylines to recaps of our events.

Even with a variety of stakeholders, Erika’s work was always on point, on time, and expressed the distinctive viewpoints of each of our executives. Cannot recommend working with Erika and her team enough — especially when you are looking for an extension of your team without the hassle of onboarding.”

Erika’s work was always on point, on time, and expressed the distinctive viewpoints of each of our executives. Cannot recommend working with Erika and her team enough.

— Amy Higgins, on working with Erika at Salesforce

Thought Leadership Consulting Engagement Elements

Thought leadership requires more than just publishing a steady stream of bylined content. It takes a deep understanding of your brand’s value proposition, the content that will nurture relationships with your audiences, and how to leverage your internal subject matter experts on the topics and in the channels that best showcase them.

To do so, our thought leadership program development and executive ghostwriting consulting engagements typically include six core elements:

Stakeholder Alignment & Buy-In
Audience Identification
Competitive Landscape Analysis
Thought Leadership Strategy Development
Topic Generation & Content Planning
Content Creation & Executive Ghostwriting

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