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No one volunteers as tribute to own the content marketing governance process. Yet without content governance in place, it’s impossible to create and maintain a high-performance content marketing program. We help companies create consistent content marketing at scale by defining and documenting effective workflows, templates, and governance processes.

Empower all Your Content Creators with Content Governance

A robust and effective content marketing program requires more than random acts of content. It needs structured content governance and efficient workflows—elements that ensure consistent, high-quality, and engaging content that resonates with your audience and drives business growth.

According to MarketingProfs and CMI’s “B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Outlook for 2024” research, the rapid adoption of AI tools underscores this need.


of B2B marketers are using generative AI tools in their content marketing


said they lack proper guidelines for its use, emphasizing the need for stronger content governance.

our Approach to Governance and Workflows

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Erika’s approach to content governance and workflows starts with understanding your unique needs, and the collaboration tools you have in place. This includes discovery sessions, an external content audit, and a review of existing content guidelines and process documentation.

We then help design efficient governance models and workflows mirroring your business objectives. Our services include identifying and evaluating workflow technologies, creating custom templates for your most frequent workflows, and providing detailed content guidelines. This foundation equips your organization to foster an environment of consistent quality and effective content management.

Governance and Workflows Customer Story

Erika worked with a large, regional membership association to create workflows and governance processes that supported the collaborative and member-inclusive nature of the organization while ensuring brand consistency.

Working with internal staff and volunteer leaders, she documented the desired outcomes and worked back to determine what the most critical content inputs from the volunteer content creators needed to be. Through streamlining the initial information asks—and templatizing the deliverables—she created content workflows that enabled a seamless handoff from volunteer to staff. The same materials also accelerated the onboarding process of the organization’s next marketing leader.

We went from a hodgepodge of content asks scattered throughout the team to a consolidated, strategic intake process that gave us more control over our busy content calendar

— Nonprofit Digital Marketing Director

Governance and Workflows Project Elements

Documented frameworks, workflows, and governance processes allow content teams to scale content creation without sacrificing brand consistency. Our typical governance engagements include these elements:

Content Calendar Framework
Content Creation & Request Templates
Content Style Guide
Editorial Board Development
Taxonomy Development
Workflow Documentation & Tool Selection

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