19 Must-Follow Marketing Industry Experts on LinkedIn in 2023

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If you’ve been having a hard time hitting your stride on LinkedIn, you’re not alone! 

We started hosting #ContentChat as a LinkedIn Live audio conversation this year, and in our first few months we’ve heard from many of our community members that it’s been harder to build meaningful connections on LinkedIn than it was on Twitter.

We hope this blog post can change that!

19 Marketing And Related Industry Experts to Follow on LinkedIn

To help you pack your LinkedIn feed with valuable marketing and business advice, we asked our #ContentChat community to recommend a potentially lesser-known—but truly exceptional and inspirational—marketing or related industry expert who is active on the platform.

Here is everyone they recommended, including their own words about why they love following that person and what they learn from them.

Kyle Akerman

Recommended by Dennis Shiao, founder of marketing agency Attention Retention

“Kyle is one of the leading experts in Google Analytics. If you’re using Universal Analytics, you know that you need to migrate to GA4 this year, right? Kyle shares Google Analytics and GA4 insights in an excellent email newsletter. Subscribe at his website, https://kyleakerman.com/.”

Kanaar Bell

Recommended by Melanie Deziel, author of “Prove It” and “The Content Fuel Framework” and founder of StoryFuel

“Kanaar is a must-follow not only because of the gems he drops and the content he shares about marketing but because of his infectious energy. His positivity, inspiration, and encouragement are present in everything he posts and it’s hard not to smile when you see his content pop up in your feed.” 

Jessica Best

Recommended by Nancy Harhut, chief creative officer of HBT Marketing

“Jess lives at the critical intersection of email and CRM, and she shares her ample knowledge freely. She’s also very plugged into the marketing world, and is quick to recommend a person, book, event, or resource, which her connections find invaluable.”

Meisha Bochicchio

Recommended by Amy Fair, content marketing manager at SpyCloud

“As a content marketer for Goldcast, Meisha shares relevant and insightful information about live and digital events and how they enhance B2B content marketing strategies. Her LinkedIn header says it all, “I’m really just a marketer that markets to other marketers about marketing!” And that she does! Bonus: she features her dog in some of her social media videos, which is always winning in my book!”

Kathy Casciani

Recommended by Michelle Garrett, B2B PR consultant, writer, and speaker

“One person that I have recently discovered is Kathy Casciani. She is a PR and marketing pro that often posts about topics that are near and dear to my heart, such as how media relations actually works (no, it’s not like paying for an ad where you have ALL the control). She keeps it real, which I so appreciate. Her posts always resonate with me.”

Heidi Cohen

Recommended by Heidi Cohen, Actionable Marketing Guide

“Follow @HeidiCohen on LinkedIn. Why? Because she is one of very few top business thought leaders who understands that we’re in the midst of a seismic shift on a scale of the Industrial Revolution. Here’s the current version of her explanation of the Seismic Shift.”

Jess Cook

Recommended by Masooma Memon, freelance writer for B2B SaaS

“Jess brings a fresh voice with fresh insights into content testing that challenges your thinking and inspires you. You’ll get lots of ideas for ways to improve and optimize your content marketing simply by engaging with Jess’ awesome content.”  

Jason Falls

Recommended by Shane Shaps, president and founder of 520 East Brands

“If you don’t know Jason, where have you been? Jason has been my mentor since I first met him on Twitter in about 2008. He’s always said this social media thing isn’t “rocket surgery.” I learned from him there are very few “experts” out there, but lots of practitioners and he practices everyday. He’s written several books and is currently focused on the world of Influencers, but his experience has breadth and depth unmatched by others. Not to mention, he’s freaking hysterical.” 

Erika Heald

Recommended by Caroline James, senior principal, Aircover Communications

“I follow Erika Heald and have done for years. She is our “North Star” of content marketing geniuses and is so generous with her knowledge and time. I know I am batting with the big league when I read Erika’s LinkedIn content and feel privileged to know her and honored to call her a peer and friend. She’s my regular go-to when I want to level set with the best.”

Laurie Kretchmar

Recommended by Dennis Shiao, founder of marketing agency Attention Retention

“I follow Laurie for her insights on digital marketing, public relations, communications and social media marketing. She’s a fabulous connector of people and has helped us grow the Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup by introducing new members to the group.”

Stephen Brent May

Recommended by Michelle Ngome, creator of ‘Be Inclusive’ Cards and founder of Line 25 Consulting

“Stephen is the perfect blend of witty and insightful when it comes to marketing. He provides a great mix of engaging content on LinkedIn and always shares what’s going on in the marketing community.”

Mina Mesbahi

Recommended by Masooma Memon, freelance writer for B2B SaaS

“Mina brings the essentials of content marketing ROI to your LinkedIn feed. She’s super consistent and her branding is also a breath of fresh air in the sea of text-based content on the platform. She’s also fun to talk with.”

Amber Naslund

Recommended by Shane Shaps, president and founder of 520 East Brands

“I log on to LinkedIn specifically to see what Amber has written, so for those who aren’t doing that— you should. Amber says things I think but have a hard time verbalizing. She talks about our industry, but also business – and life – in general. She’s one of the most real people you’ll follow online. She’s candidly honest about her life experiences – the good, the bad… the Twitter. She’s smart and she’s witty. I really learn a lot from her and appreciate her blatant honesty. “ 

Maggie Rimnac

Recommended by Michelle Garrett, B2B PR consultant, writer, and speaker

“I love Maggie Rimnac’s posts on LinkedIn. Maggie is a B2B marketer who shares a mix of professional advice along with some heartfelt posts regarding juggling parenthood with work and remembering to take time out to smell the roses (which we all need to do more of!).”

Daniel Roth

Recommended by Shane Shaps, president and founder of 520 East Brands

“Dan and I grew up together in Louisville, KY, so there’s a personal connection here. BUT he’s also the Editor in Chief, and a VP at LinkedIn, so seeing what he’s writing about is beneficial. He shares business news and it’s good to know what he sees as important in the world of LinkedIn. He also interviews some pretty fascinating people, so you’re sure to get a good video clip to watch now and then.” 

Ali Schwanke

Recommended by Melanie Deziel, author of “Prove It” and “The Content Fuel Framework” and founder of StoryFuel

“Ali consistently posts incredibly tactical, actionable, and valuable content about some of the most foundational elements of marketing, especially with regard to using a CRM (specifically Hubspot!). Her content is both educational AND entertaining—a great combination!”

Jay Schwedelson

Recommended by Nancy Harhut, chief creative officer of HBT Marketing

“Jay is hands down THE best source of current email performance stats, including words and send times that optimize opens. And peppered in with this useful content you’ll find Jay’s humorous take on reality tv, life in marketing, and … life!”

Eddie Shleyner

Recommended by Melanie Graham, a seasoned writer and content marketer specializing in the healthcare industry

“Eddie’s LinkedIn posts always stop my scroll. As a copywriter and content creator, I find his posts inspiring. In this industry, we can easily fall into patterns and routines (with our writing and our marketing) and Eddie’s posts offer a refreshing perspective that motivates me to get back to it and do my best work.”

Pamela Slim

Recommended by Ruth Carter, Esq.,Geek Law Firm

“Those of us who are connected to/influenced by Pam call ourselves the Pamily. She had a community before having a community was cool. What I love about Pam is that she’s a boots-on-the-ground entrepreneur. Her challenges are my challenges. Pam’s advice comes from the heart and her suggestions are tactics that have already proven to be successful for her and/or her clients.”

Growing Your LinkedIn Community

Do you follow a content marketing or related industry expert on LinkedIn that you think deserves a spot on this list? Let us know using this Google Form, and we’ll update this post at least twice a year with all relevant submissions.

To help you put your best foot forward on LinkedIn, the #ContentChat community discussed what to include (and remove) from your profile, including live profile reviews. Listen to the recap here, and join us weekly on Mondays at noon Pacific/3 p.m. Eastern on LinkedIn to connect with even more content marketers and content creators.

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