August 8, 2022 Content Chat Recap: How To Drive Leads from Social Media

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Social media channels can be powerful for building brand awareness and capturing new leads, but you cannot expect to use the same lead generation strategies across your brand accounts. In this #ContentChat, we’re joined by Chris Smith, author of The Conversion Code, to discuss how to drive leads from social media and the unique features that will accelerate your success. Read the full recap below to learn:

  • Channel-specific tips for Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn
  • Ways to use video content to attract leads
  • Strategies for finding new communities on social media

Q1: How can social media channels provide valuable lead generation opportunities for brands?

Social media channels can attract high-quality leads if you regularly share engaging and helpful content.

A1: The keyword there is valuable. To attract high-quality leads you need high-quality content.

It has to be content that can create awareness and sales simultaneously.

Invest in the creation the distribution is much easier to insource. #ContentChat

— Chris Smith (@Chris_Smth) August 8, 2022

A1: Brand awareness with info about upcoming webinars or events for email capture. #contentchat

— Melissa Chiou (@melissaC_says) August 8, 2022

Networking on social media can connect you to potential brand customers or partners.

A1: Social Media channels provide valuable lead gen opportunities for brands by networking and connecting! There are so many ways to share content and connect as a way to create opportunities. #contentchat ~Jenna

— Nimble (@Nimble) August 8, 2022

And social media is a goldmine of information on your ideal customers. Listen to see who is expressing a need for a product/service/solution that you offer, and engage them in casual conversation if appropriate.

A1 When you listen/pay attention to social channels (not just monitor for mentions), you’ll see who is organically expressing a need for the product/service/solution you offer. You can engage in casual conversation then transition to more formal dialogue. #contentchat

— Martin Lieberman (@martinlieberman) August 8, 2022

A1: Social media makes it possible to identify audience sentiment which helps you find opportunities instead of just leads. #ContentChat

— Sweepsify (@Sweepsify_) August 8, 2022

Q2: Many marketers are finding Twitter engagement rates to be mercurial so far this year. How can content marketers best reach prospective customers on the platform?

Twitter has fewer users than Facebook and YouTube, but the platform’s focus on conversations makes it a great space to drive engagement.

A2: Twitter is already at an disadvantage as a lower tier social platform in terms of reach. It simply does not have the number of users as FB or YT. #contentchat

— Melissa Chiou (@melissaC_says) August 8, 2022 #contentchat

— Melissa Chiou (@melissaC_says) August 8, 2022

That may be true, but Twitter’s advantage has always been that it’s the platform where actual conversation happens. People aren’t commenting on posts here, they’re replying to each other and interacting. #contentchat

— Martin Lieberman (@martinlieberman) August 8, 2022

Agree on the conversation being the special sauce that differentiates Twitter from FB and YT. I try to not read the comments on Youtube.#ContentChat

— Erika Heald | Content Marketing Consultant (@SFerika) August 8, 2022

A2A: This is very true. We’re talking. Not talking AT each other here on Twitter#ContentChat

— Sweepsify (@Sweepsify_) August 8, 2022

It’s in the DNA of Twitter to “reply,” not “comment.” It’s all about mindset, and those CTAs drive the mindset of users and their activity. #contentchat

— Martin Lieberman (@martinlieberman) August 8, 2022

Consider using paid Tweets to capture attention, especially during the first 30 seconds that someone is on the site.

A2: A study found that people’s ability to recall what they see on Twitter is the highest during the first 30-seconds of a visit.

Your Tweet inside of that window is valuable + will require you pay to play a bit.

If you believe in Twitter prove it by investing. #ContentChat

— Chris Smith (@Chris_Smth) August 8, 2022

Create lists to filter through specific audiences or personas.

A2. Engagement levels have certainly seen a drop but creating Lists to engage with your prospective customers can help you stay on top of their minds and convert them better #ContentChat

— Masooma | Content Writer (@inkandcopy) August 8, 2022

Lists are one of my favorite underutilized Twitter feed management tools, for sure.

Glad you could pop in! #ContentChat

— Erika Heald | Content Marketing Consultant (@SFerika) August 8, 2022

A2A: Yes lists are good. We did one for Active Sweepstakes so ppl can enter to win anytime 😊

— Sweepsify (@Sweepsify_) August 8, 2022

And remember you can make private or public lists. #ContentChat

— Alek Irvin (@AlekIrvin) August 8, 2022

Visual content can help stop the scroll.

A2. Post memes and dog photos


Sort of.

Being authentic on social media will take you far!#ContentChat

— Chris Tweten 🍁 (@ctwtn) August 8, 2022

Join relevant industry communities.

A2: Content distribution like we discussed last week. Also participate in conversations like #ContentChat regularly 🚀 The threads gotta stop though 🤣🍭

— Sweepsify (@Sweepsify_) August 8, 2022

Tailor your content to address specific customer needs.

A2: Content marketers can best reach prospective customers on the platform by listening and paying close attention to their customers. Adding value to content that is tailored to your customers goes a long way. #contentchat ~Jenna

— Nimble (@Nimble) August 8, 2022

And stick to conversations that are brand relevant.

I think on Twitter its all about the lane you’re in… maintaining a relatively secure and cooperative community provides tons of value on this platform. It seems there is an inverse correlation between the popularity of a topic and the civility of the conversation. #ContentChat

— Derek Pillie 🎯 (@derekpillie) August 8, 2022

Q3: Is Instagram a viable channel for lead generation? If so, what features are most helpful for widening your reach?

Create a combination of Reels, Stories, and Carousels to maximize your reach, and use CTAs that drive action within Instagram (like, comment, DM) instead of providing a traditional link or landing page.

A3: Yes. The features that I focus on are around CTAs.

Everyone knows they should do Reels, Stories, and Carousels.

When you add calls-to-action to your IG posts or ads native options work best (ex. Like, Comment, DM) over traditional links and landing pages. #ContentChat

— Chris Smith (@Chris_Smth) August 8, 2022

A3. It’s best for businesses that have a visual element to their marketing such as salons, ice cream parlours, and furniture retailers.

I think Stories are great for driving engagement, driving conversation, and learning more about ur audience #ContentChat

— Masooma | Content Writer (@inkandcopy) August 8, 2022

Stories are such a great way to amplify fan-created content, too. #ContentChat

— Erika Heald | Content Marketing Consultant (@SFerika) August 8, 2022

Here is one that did well on IG and Twitter

— Chris Smith (@Chris_Smth) August 8, 2022

Erika, another example that comes to mind is Chewy’s IG. They’re nailing it 👌#ContentChat

— Masooma | Content Writer (@inkandcopy) August 8, 2022

Explore hashtags to uncover new leads.

A3: Instagram can be used as a place for lead generation because of its heavy hashtag rankings! Finding leads through hashtags is a great way to use Instagram as part of a lead generation strategy! #contentchat ~Jenna

— Nimble (@Nimble) August 8, 2022

Q4: Facebook Ads can be powerful for reaching potential buyers. What tips can you share for driving an effective Facebook ad campaign? #ContentChat

When running a Facebook Ad campaign, customize the advanced settings to maximize your success.

A4: One quick way to get more from Facebook ads is to go into the advanced settings for Placements don’t just let them auto-select them.

My goal is usually traffic from FB ads and so I often run a campaign where the only placement is newsfeed.

— Chris Smith (@Chris_Smth) August 8, 2022

Read the comment on your ads. Do not run an old ad with negative comments or pitches for your competitors.

A4: Read the feedback on your ads. I’ve seen so many FB ads with crazy comments on them that are just making fun of the ad not actual engagement 🤣🍭#ContentChat

— Sweepsify (@Sweepsify_) August 8, 2022

YES! Make this part of someone’s job!

I cannot count how many times I’ve seen clients running old Facebook ads with scathing negative comments on them. Or, even worse, pitches for their competitors!#ContentChat

— Erika Heald | Content Marketing Consultant (@SFerika) August 8, 2022

Q5: What type of content works best on TikTok to attract leads?

According to Chris, short, unpolished videos perform best on TikTok, especially with a CTA and engaging add-ons.

A5: Unpolished, short, eye contact with the viewer, include a hook, use CTAs, and include add-ons like music and stickers.

Those are the things that TikTok research has proven to increase the likelihood of an ad converting. #ContentChat

— Chris Smith (@Chris_Smth) August 8, 2022

Leverage trending sounds in a brand-relevant way.

A5: The best type of content that works on TikTok is trend following. Using trending sounds and relating it to your brand attracts interested leads! #contentchat ~Jenna

— Nimble (@Nimble) August 8, 2022

And create edutainment content that provides tips or lessons in a fun and authentic way.

Edutainment – content that adds value to your target audience but is also entertaining. #contentchat

— Katja Presnal (@katjapresnal) August 8, 2022

A5. I don’t use TikTok for myself but I’m willing to bet that a healthy mix of short form educational tips and personality-showing entertaining content that follows the trends there helps generate leads. #ContentChat

— Masooma | Content Writer (@inkandcopy) August 8, 2022

YES! My favorite kind of brand videos.#ContentChat

— Erika Heald | Content Marketing Consultant (@SFerika) August 8, 2022

I think that’s great, too, because so many brands felt as though video content was beyond their budget/reach and now, it really isn’t.#ContentChat

— Erika Heald | Content Marketing Consultant (@SFerika) August 8, 2022

Exactly! Now you have to have guts just to do it 😉 #contentchat

— Katja Presnal (@katjapresnal) August 8, 2022

That’s what @iSocialFanz always says_and he’s right! Just push the button.

— Erika Heald | Content Marketing Consultant (@SFerika) August 8, 2022

Q6: What are your tips for how to optimize social media videos to attract and convert leads?

Keep videos short, and shoot them vertically.

A6: Keep them as short as possible and shoot them vertically.

58% of people will watch a brand’s video if it is less than sixty seconds.

The completion rate is also much higher the shorter the video.#contentchat

— Chris Smith (@Chris_Smth) August 8, 2022

Vertically, eh? I’ve always found that limiting from a content perspective. You can show more if you shoot them horizontally. You can also repurpose on YouTube more easily. #contentchat

— Martin Lieberman (@martinlieberman) August 8, 2022

I am a big fan of shooting with vertical in mind but I also like long form YT stuff. Just harder than most think to truly trim it down appropriately.

— Chris Smith (@Chris_Smth) August 8, 2022

Use CTAs that provide tangible next steps for your viewer.

A6: Comprehesible CTA’s with easy-to-access links/resources while also adding relevant trends if possible! Making your content easy to navigate while still hopping on a trend is a good balance to convert leads. #contentchat ~Jenna

— Nimble (@Nimble) August 8, 2022

A6: Use eye-catching motions that will make ppl stop scrolling. Use CTAs and tell them what to next not just show a domain name!#ContentChat

— Sweepsify (@Sweepsify_) August 8, 2022

Yes! And make sure it’s a CTA that sends them to something relevant to what they just watched, not just your homepage or a generic landing page. #ContentChat

— Erika Heald | Content Marketing Consultant (@SFerika) August 8, 2022

Optimize videos based on each platform’s requirement.

A6. Top of all tips: optimize the videos’ size to the platform’s requirement.

It’s a relatively simple but very effective way to optimize your social media videos #ContentChat

— Masooma | Content Writer (@inkandcopy) August 8, 2022

Include short copy to reinforce points made in the video.

A6: Build trust with expert videos with short copy (always text!), semi-fast animations/edits and a strong CTA. Tell people what you want them to do. #ContentChat

— Katja Presnal (@katjapresnal) August 8, 2022

Create video snippets and teasers that spotlight key learnings.

A6 Share a short version or tease with a custom URL or link to watch the rest or the full version. #contentchat

— Martin Lieberman (@martinlieberman) August 8, 2022

Great tip @martinlieberman. When you spend a lot of $$ for high production value video content, you should have an amplification planned for it as well for social media. #contentchat

— Katja Presnal (@katjapresnal) August 8, 2022


Creation is only the first step! You have to have a strong distribution plan in place, and a budget for that, too.#ContentChat

— Erika Heald | Content Marketing Consultant (@SFerika) August 8, 2022

Q7: How can content marketers maximize their lead generation success on LinkedIn?

Experiment with LinkedIn’s dynamic ads.

A7: Try their dynamic ads which actually feature the person seeing the ad in the ad.

— Chris Smith (@Chris_Smth) August 8, 2022

Demonstrate expertise by sharing educational content or industry news, not just sales materials or brand-specific messages.

A7: Stop telling ppl to come back to the office bc it will improve their productivity? 🤣🍭

Seriously demonstrate expertise. Don’t always default to send leads to a sales call but to more educational resources on your site.#ContentChat

— Sweepsify (@Sweepsify_) August 8, 2022

Build relationships by posting content regularly and engaging with other people’s content.

A7. Build relationships. The platform has crazy good potential but it’s best to refrain from taking a cold outreach approach to lead generation on LinkedIn.

Publish content regularly instead. Engage with people and build relationships from there! #ContentChat

— Masooma | Content Writer (@inkandcopy) August 8, 2022

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